Payment gateway module

The IRS system is being constantly developed and now one offers more additional options. Administration module – the heart of the entire system – has been enriched by a panel of online payments that calls payment gateway.

Through the implementation of the system, TravelTECHs’ customers got  the possibility of the on-line payment through: DotPay, BlueMedia or FirstData. It stimulates POSes’ virtual work and enables credit card payment operations by the office worker or customer himself. While the operation is being done by the user himself, on office workers’ request the e-mail is being  automatically generated. The e-mail contains a link (that user need to click on) to the chosen payment processors’ webpage (DotPay, BlueMedia, FirstData). In order to finish/ finalize payment process, Internet user should run the link, and then enter their credit card number. The solution significantly increases the security of transactions done by credit card as it excluding the need to give your credit card number ton Callcenters’ employee. Payment gateway module is mainly used in the offline sales module, as well as by Callcenter as a quick and easy solution that enables charging transaction fee straight from the credit card (that solution exclude the participation of Internet user).