About TravelTECH

We are a company involved in the IT sector dealing with the preparation and distribution of solutions for Internet booking, sales and after-sales service of tourism products (airline tickets, hotels and cars).

Our solutions are characterized by functionality, flexibility of construction and configuration, as well as exceptional ability of adapting them to the specific requirements of customers and flexible ways of adaptation.

Our primary goal is to satisfy our customers. We achieve it by continually improvement of the quality of existing solutions and also due to the continual development work, so that every few months we can offer you brand new module or functionality of our booking systems.

Why us? Because an extensive experience in the on-line tourism industry (which has been gained since 2006) speaks for us. Cooperating with major travel agents both in Poland and in the world, we constantly get to know the needs of this demanding market, and thus our customers.  We build  fully functional products on the basis of this knowledge, as well as the latest technology trends.