Experience is our advantage

TravelTECH commenced operations in 2006, but an experience of its employees dates back to 1999. During this period of time we created a number of systems, ranging from local, operating on the individual positions to the global solutions (Network and Internet).

Our solutions are characterized by their high functionality, easiness of configuration and customization, while maintaining competitive prices.


New graphic atlases in IRS 2.2.10

With the latest release of IRS system, we introduce new and even more functional atlases.

The new version with lucid map displays not only the departure and arrival airports but also the closest airports situated around them. This allows the traveller to choose from all airports nearby and go for the most convenient option. Furthermore, the atlas shows the location of the airport on the city map, what is a great help in planning of travel.

To learn more about IRS internet booking engine, please contact our marketing Department at: office@traveltech.pl

New functionalities - IRS 2.2.10

Caring to provide the top quality products, we constantly develop IRS system.
TravelTECH regularly updates the system, adds new elements, but what’s most important – we listen to our customers. They know best what the system should be enriched with in order to be more attractive. Please find below some of the latest improvements of the latest version of IRS system.

  1. Feature for buying additional luggagge for low cost flights – from now on it’s possible to buy a baggage via IRS for travelers flying low cost airline such as WizzAir, Ryainair, Easy Jet;
  2. Free PCC configuration – this feature allows to broaden the license for new PCC numbers;
  3. New online payment providers – now our previous online payment providers: DotPay and PayU are accompanied by ePay and PayByNet;
  4. Increasing the security of serviced payment cards – IRS supports now  3-D Secure cards. This standard secures the transaction through card holder identification, by using additional single serving password (usually send by SMS message). This authorization method is used by payment organization when the transaction is executed without the physical card usage.

To learn more about modification and updates, please contact our Marketing Department via office@traveltech.pl.

TravelTECH in Travelport Marketplace

Travelport Marketplace is a platform that promotes trusted developers and lists the best solutions for travel IT sector. The platform is available for travel agents online allowing them to pick from the growing number of applications ready to be downloaded and easy to install.

The latest TravelTECH product – TravelTECH Fee Manager (TFM) will also be available for download at Travelport Marketplace shortly. It is a intuitive yet very useful Travelport Smartpoint plug-in that saves already calculated transaction fee (provision) in PNR remarks. Therefore it automates the air-cashier’s work saving time and resources.

More information about TravelTECH at marketplace can be found here: TravelTECH in Marketplace.


TravelTECH Fee Manager (TFM) is the solution available as a Travelport Smartpoint’s plug-in. TFM automatically calculates and adds suitable transaction fee (margin) by saving it in every PNR’s remark, making cashiers work easier. TFM analyzes every PNR by it’s parameters and even verifies the PCC, then compares this data with predefined transaction fee rules.


Following latest IT trends TravelTECH participated in the biggest events in travel secitor on the planet in travel IT sector. With the beginning of 2015 you could have met us at Travel Technology Europe in London (25-26 of Feb) and at ITB Berlin (4-8 of March). TravelTECH aims to improve offered solutions and follow the lates market trends. We listen to our Customers and Partners ideas and learn even from our Competition. See you at next IT for travel events!


This certificate confirms that TravelTECH provides systems according to the most strict security norms set by Payment Card Industry Security Standard Council. These norms ensure the top level of security in every environment during all stages of payment processing.


Thanks to cooperation with Russian UFS – the leading developer of the new generation of IT-solutions in the travel, tourism and e-commerce, TripGate users can buy electronic railway tickets for all trains inside Russia and CIS, Baltics and European countries. TravelTECH becomes an accredited provider of Russian online rails tickets. First Customers will have posibility to buy tickets from UFS offer via TripGate in January 2015.


Between new implementations and continuous improvement of our products we have found time to give our company a fresh look and take care of the new company branding. “New” TravelTECH – it is clear and easy access to all information with intuitive navigation. Applied colors and design is a response to trends in the modern marketing. All this had been prepared on the solid foundation of the latest technology.


TripGate application has gained new hotel base supplier. To present ones: HotelsPro, Galileo and Worldspan GDS hotels joined new one – Tripnet. Thanks to this, TripGate has now one of the extensive hotel base offer for B2B Customers in Poland. Tripnet is an innovative booking platform that combines in one place offer nearly 40 global suppliers of hotels and accommodation facilities. Using the latest technology and solutions, gives access to a database of over 365,000 objects in 220 countries.


TravelTECH starts collaboration with Bronislaw Czech Academy of Physical Education in Krakow and with University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. Thanks to this collaboration, the IRS reservation system 2.2 enrichs classes in Tourism and Recreation. Although theoretical knowledge is not everything, it constitute an  substantial base and foundation for practical actions. Therefore, it is essential that students will learn  the modern tools for online booking of air tickets, hotels and car rental. Now, thanks to our innovative system – IRS – they have this opportunity. TravelTECH not only provides its solutions for didactic purposes, but also  is actively involved in the training process, via transferring its knowledge supported by practical experience in the tourism industry.


Cooperation with Travelport led to the reseller agreement for the IRS system. Thanks to the agreement, the IRS system will be directly distributed by Travelport branches in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. So extensive cooperation enables Customers to integrate their own portals with highly specialized system for tickets booking, which is the IRS, benefiting from the assistance and support Travelport employees in their countries. This integration is possible at two levels: by using the so-called Iframe in the standard graphic layout or by using an API solution that allows to adjust the system to the company’s visual identity.


Working on the development of our products requires the involvement of more and more people. Currently, our team of TravelTECH’s specialists has more than 40 people and it is still growing. Thanks to increasing human resources, we can provide our customers with more efficient service while maintaining the highest quality of our systems.


Our brands – IRS and TripGate are becoming increasingly recognizable not only in Poland but also in whole Europe. Our products are more often chosen from a wide range of reservation systems functioning in modern tourism industry. Since entering the market (September 2013), TripGate has already attracted 10 000 users, who -in their daily work- benefit from our solutions.


This new solution in the IRS booking system allows you to create an individual traveler’s account and save his/her data in the system. Thanks to this functionality, during re-booking customer doesn’t have to complete a personal information form. Moreover, the account also allows you to create an unlimited number of your profiles and the profiles of your fellow passengers (colleagues, friends, family members).


Knowing well the realities of the process of booking tickets of low-cost lines, we have launched new facilities to IRS system – so-called “virtual booking”. If the ticket becomes unavailable during the process of purchasing – frequent situation in case of lowcost flights – the Client may create booking, despite this fact. Such solution allows cashier to contact directly with purchaser, offer another flight with similar parameters and thus be more competitive and reliable and keeps Customer.


The number of people making online payments for the purchase of airline tickets, hotels, or cars rentals is growing steadily. To meet customer expectations, the IRS allows you to make such payments fast and safe via PayU system.


TripGate gained a new module so that customers can book train tickets in Poland and Russia. Railway Module together with the modules of regular and low-cost flights, hotels and transfers have made the organization of business travel more comprehensive. In a simple way, using just one tool, you can book individual stages of the planned trip – what lets you save a lot of time.


The main goal of our mid-office is to save time and money of our clients. Therefore GalScan has implemented a number of features which simplify the work of cashiers. Currently in GalScanie you can: automatically import all information about issued tickets for both regular and low-cost lines, create different types of invoices and other accounting documents for each ticket or reservation and compare extensive IATA billing with the data contained in the system and all these in just a few seconds.


TravelTECH in collaboration with Travelport has created a new professional tool called TripGate (Corporate Booking Tool- enabling the efficient organization of business travel and corporate travel agencies TMC). This product distinguishes itself by:

  • Wide range of services – application is used and dedictaed both to international service offerings and to local markets.
  • Functionality – the ability of managing diverse travel criteria, pricing policies, user profiles and preferred suppliers.
  • Interface – a number of configuration options allows you to adapt the application to your needs, and a clear interface (in the form of boxes) makes your work much easier.

More information on TripGate can be found on the product website at: www.tripgate.net


In cooperation with HotelsPro we have managed to create a new version of the hotel module. Since then, our customers have benefited from the extended tourist accommodation base consisting of 95 000 hotels and 11 000 destinations in 190 countries worldwide. Our module allows you to create B2B and B2C accounts, to enter selected conditions of sale and transaction fees, and it interacts with searching flights and rental cars systems.


GalScan is a response to the expectations of customers. In the latest version we have added a completely new functionalities, and so-far ones have been greatly enriched. Records of sales includes not only tickets, but also hotels, railways, insurance and many other services. The program allows you to customize the signature of documents (e.g. invoices) to the types of sales, suppliers, carriers and the person who issues invoices. Administrators can take advantage of the allocation to other users and create individual profiles. The program allows issuing currency invoices, issuing invoices in foreign languages ​​as well as in PDF format.


Thanks to the obtaining a new partner – Sirena-Travel – our booking system allows you to use not two, but THREE GDS: Worldspan, Galileo and Sirena-Travel. As a result, we are able to offer our customers the opportunity of selling tickets from the area of the Russian Federation, CIS countries, the Baltic States and Asia.

2011 - 2009

During creating systems process, we take into account all aspects, in which we can become the support for our customers. As a result, a new insurance module was implemented in IRS system. Thanks to the cooperation with AIG Chartis, it is possible to purchase insurance policies (redeemed in the time of flight and/or the whole trip). The module can be implemented as an extra option at every customer who has IRS at version 2.0 installed at the website) and who has signed a proper agreement with AIG Chartis.


To wide range of functionalities in GalSCan we have extended invoicing in three basic modes (automatic, semi-automatic and manual). We add functionality which enables the issuing of receipts for printers that support the Thermal. Next things are: functionality of issuing documents KP and KW and function of creating reports. All these greatly enhance preparation and control of all financial accounts in the company. A new feature is called “GSO – GalScan Online” – which allows you to view central detailed sales in particular branches. Another feature is the virtual channel AIR / MIR / TAIR, allowing the automatic import of information about airline tickets issued simultaneously in multiple branches.


In the booking system called IRS, we have developed new tools, which greatly improved the operation of the system, and also raised its attractiveness in the eyes of customers.

New solutions are:

  • Multicity search module – allows setting a reservation for several destinations simultaneously. Additionally, you can choose from an extensive multisegmentary booking. In one query, and on one ticket, you can create a route composed of several parts of the journey, and the results are presented in a clear and siemple manner. Furthermore, the search engine allows you to create a return-flight booking, but the place of departure may be different than the arrival (it is so-called “open-jaw ticket”).
  • Flight availability calendar – allows you to quick search for a flight at the desired price. The system provided with the knowledge of a given destination and the price of a flight, searches for available dates in the range of three months. The calendar presents the available flights and shows their prices, what allows users to compare the results easily.
  • Autoticketing module – is an innovative solution designed to reduce the cost of running the sale of airline tickets. Tickets purchased by web-surfers via the IRS are printed automatically without the cashier. Parameters defining the conditions for allowing or prohibiting the automatic issuing of the ticket, can be defined in the administrative panel of the system.


The solution prepared in order to send notifications to the online customers regarding, e.g. issuing the ticket, or reminders for arranged flights. The module enables the delivery of messages to over 200 GSM networks around the world. The flexibility of the solution guarantes full support for message delivery confirmation, queuing, dividing longer messages into parts and checking their status. Moreover, the module allows the dispatch of SMS messages at a specified date and time. You can also define the name of the sender and choose message pattern .

IRS 2.0

This product in the latest version supports two GDS – Wordspan and Galileo, i.e. a database of over 500 regular airline carriers and more than 90 low-cost lines. Another element of the new version of the IRS, thanks to cooperation with Gullivers Travel Associates, is the hotel module. Furthermore, customers have an access to 450 car rental companies around the world, thanks to the cooperation with CarTrawler. In addition, we have created a special administrative module which allows our customers to configure and control the whole system and all its functionalities in one position.


To facilitate the operation of the system, in 2010 we implemented new mechanisms to issue documents (collective, group and individual ones) to unbilled tickets. We took care of proper functioning and easiness to usage and as a consequence we decided to add the ability of manually entering, deleting tickets and putting their comments on. The solution, in its latest version, enables fully automatic invoicing for tickets printed via Galileo and Worldspan GDS.


The IRS is being developed constantly. Since the beginning of 2009, the IRS has handled online DotPay system payments. The newly added feature is the support for new providers of payment: Poland’s largest payment card settlement agent – First Data Poland SA and Platron – Russian online payment system. The solution allows our customers continuous monitoring of affecting payment and quick issuing of the ticket.


In 2009, we signed the Regional Cooperation Agreement with Travelport GDS – the owner of global distribution systems Galileo and Worldspan GDS. The newly-signed agreement covered the expansion of cooperation on following markets: Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Romanian and Russian. It also opened an access to the content and solutions offered by Worldspan GDS.

2008 - 2006

Online Reservation System version 1.4.4 has extended its range, adding integrated module regular line – by the usage of the database of Galileo system and low-cost line. 1.4.4 IRS offers its users a number of new, extremely helpful solutions, such as:

  • Support on-line payments – an option of online money transfer from more than 20 banks in so-called DotPay system.
  • New mechanism of flight availability search engine and the lowest prices in flexible departure and return dates.
  • The new module defining acceptable forms of payment depending on the departure date.
  • The mechanism of Internet users’ profiles, allowing you to save th data from personal form and its easy complement during next visiting.
  • Improved booking statistics module, which allows, inter alia, to measure the number of inquiries and conversion of the system and define the most-seek travel destinantion,
  • Changes on the protection of personal data in the range required by law (e.g. to determine the level of access to sensitive data, including credit card numbers).
  • New editor of hotel descriptions, enabling self-editing and translation of descriptions of types of accomodation.

LOW COST module allows you to search flights connections for over 90 low cost airlines, and what is more – it fully harmonizes with the regular line module, so that, in the list of results you can see both types of available flights. The system allows you to display: flight availability, prices, links to the fares, charges for luggage. As a result, customer can not only easily find (thanks to extensive filters) the desired and the most suitable flight, but also he/she can check all travel conditions.


Hotel booking module was based on GTA hotel base (Gullivers Tavel Associates) which includes in its offer more than 25 000 hotels. At the design stage, we took care of system (we did the same in air module), so that it would be the greatest configurable, flexible and functional. Thanks to these solutions, our customers can decide directly what kind of information and in what form appear at different stages of the booking process.


Internet Reservation System version 1.0 was presented in 2006 and immediately won the tourism market in Poland. The system works with two GDS systems: Galileo and Worldspan. A wide range of functionalities and an extraordinary intuitiveness of the system allowed in a very short time to get a large group of Customers.


In 2006, the TravelTECH company officially began its activity. However, it is worth noting, that the experience of our employees goes much further back in time, because to the year 1999. Since 2006 we build and constantly improve solutions addressed to the online tourism industry.