The system is fully integrated with both the GDS-s Galileo, Worldspan, Amadeus, as well as running the IRS. This allows all the data regarding airline reservation line regular, low-cost, as well as so-called ‘passive segments’ (insurance, train tickets, hotels, rental cars, etc.) to get to GalScana database automatically. Apart from the automatic billing, the program also allows you to edit manually and issue a numer of various types of accounting documents what greatly expands the scope of its capabilities.

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GalScan is a powerful tool which allows you:

  • Automatic import of information about printed tickets
  • Issuing of collective, group and individual documents
  • Three modes of billing: automatic, semi-automatic, manual
  • Automatic issuing of various types of documents (such as an invoice, a bill, a receipt , accounting note, etc.)
  • Selection of different forms of payment shown on the invoice
  • Saving of accounting documents in PDF format
  • Collaborating with fiscal printer
  • Using the advanced filtering parameters of all data (documents, sales, etc.)
  • Control of payments, balances and history of the Customer’s accounts
  • Automatic billing IATA comparison with the data in GalScan
  • Import bank statements and automatic billing documents
  • Creating different types of reports: reports of payments, invoices, customers, etc., and the ability of exporting data to Excel files
  • Advanced data export to accounting systems of vouchers accounts coding such as: Sage, Symphony, CDN OPT! ​​MA, LSI Laser
  • Working on multiple positions and in many branches
  • Exporting data to a central database on a remote server GalScan Online (GSO) – instant preview of all the documents with multiple branches on a dedicated website
  • A wide range of configuration options, user rights
  • Functional user interface