TFM analyzes every PNR by it’s parameters and even verifies the PCC, then compares this data with predefined transaction fee rules. Remarks also may be uploaded to ITIN application (Travelport) to present the total ticket price.

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Main benefits of using TFM:

  • Automatic service fee calculation for any PNR’s (information about the fee is saved to PNR’s remark),
  • Automation of air-cashiers work made easier,
  • Time saving,
  • Mistakes exclusion from the fee calculation and adding process.

In order to use all advantages provided by TFM, you just need to carry simple one time installation process, which will grant you with access to the application functionalities. Then appropriate transaction fee will be calculated either and added just by clicking TFM icon in Smartpoint application or entering the right commend from the opened PNR.

3 steps, which make your work more efficient:

  • Install TFM – Smartpoint plug-in,
  • Use TFM administration panel to set your own transaction fee rules,
  • TFM automatically safes calculated commission in PNR’s remark.